Your Navigation Guide to finding us

The Landmark to the Canal Entrance from Hawk Channel is a fourteen story cream colored building (Bonefish Towers/only fourteen story building in Marathon
Please Call Dock Master  (305) 509 2661 when you see Bonefish Tower for Detailed Instructions)

Enter channel with Red Marker "2" on your starboard side. Continue down middle of channel  keeping Red Marker "4" on your starboard. Keep Green Marker "5" and Green Marker "7" to your port side (deep draft vessels See Navigation Chart Below) call Dock Master at (305) 509 2661) and bear to starboard around mangrove island corner, keeping Green Marker "11" and Green Marker"13" on your port side staying closer to the mangroves but at least 10 feet away from mangroves because of the rocky shoal build up.  As you approach white buoys follow them keeping them to your port side and White Marlin White Marina will be directly in front of you.


Landmarks are two story white house with dock, hedge and small boat house with "White Marlin Marina" sign. This is close to the office and the South Docks. If you are a returning guest and familiar with the North and East Dock you will continue North around the island to North and East slips. 


Channel Depth Minimum MLW 6'5"

Deep Draft Boats over 5'6" Follow

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